Trade registration

Trade Registration

You are invited!

We're going on an expedition! Oregon Wine Board and Washington State Wine Commission, invite you to join us on the journey!

When you’re learning about wine, you know it’s not simply about getting from Point A to Point B. To dig deep on anything, there’s a journey. Study, explore, grind. There’s no one-stop-shop… except maybe this event.

We invite you to explore the Pacific Wine Route with us. In the spirit of expedition and discovery, take a page from Lewis and Clark: come taste through the green, gentle slopes of Oregon’s unique beauty, and emerge through Columbia River to find the stern, mighty desert of Washington State.

One, powerfully raw. The other, raw power.

Two sides of the same coin that are made all the more meaningful when experienced together.

Please Contact Kelly Staples ( if you would like to receive an invitation to the show.

**Oregon & Washington State Wine Expedition is a invite only trade event & is only open to those working in the wine business**

How it works


Plan your Tour

Once you are registered you can use this site to plan your tasting.

The wines and foods will be automatically grouped showing your selections grouped by producer and regional location of the winery at the event.

Every vendor will have a new to market discovery for you to explore.


QR Codes

There will be QR codes at each winery and food table. When you scan the QR code, you will see the wine or food that you bookmarked along with details about the producers. You can add your tasting notes directly on your personal page.

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