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General FAQ

The 2023 Northwest Wine Expedition is a multi-city tour that lets you taste and sample wine from Oregon and Washington State in some of Canada’s major urban markets. Join us in Toronto, Montreal, Calagry or Vancouver.

Oregon & Washington State Wine Expedition is a invite only trade event & is only open to those working in the hospitality and alcohol beverage industry.

The Trade tasting will include making connections with wineries, agents & producers, as well as, wine tasting and light hors-d'oeuvres.

The 2023 Northwest Wine Expedition is a multi-city tour that takes place every year in some of Canada’s major urban markets.

This year it will take place in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, and Vancouver.

This is a 19+ event. (Toronto, Vancouver)
This is an 18+ event (Calgary, Montreal)

Proof of DOB will be requested at the door.

Over 40 wineries have signed up however, attendance is different in each city. Please check out oureach cities pages to see which wineries will be at the event nearest you!

Your ticket includes admission, access to all wines being poured, and light hors d’oeuvres.

Due to the very limited availability, tickets are not available at the door and must be registered in advance.

We cannot guarantee that any wine or food products have not come in touch with allergens. We encourage you to speak with the vendors present when sampling and use your own discretion.


When you purchase a ticket online you will be emailed a downloadable ticket. This ticket can either be printed or scanned from your phone. Please bring proof of entry with you on the day of the event.

Yes, there will be light hors d’oeuvres served in a safe and hygienic manner at all shows. However, we do recommend eating before you attend the event with more substantial fare.

Only wine professionals and media will be in attendance.

We want everyone to be comfortable at our event and encourage chic, business casual attire.

We do ask that you do not wear any perfume and/or cologne as it can overpower the smell of the wine and some attendees may have fragrance allergies.

It is perfectly acceptable to swallow the wine at a wine tasting event. At the same time, it is also completely acceptable, and not considered offensive at all, to spit the wine out into a spittoon to control your alcohol intake.

Agents and winery representatives completely understand that you can’t possibly consume all the wines you encounter at a tasting.

You can’t taste everything at a wine tasting event, so having a plan is ideal. Try dividing the tasting by type or style of wine and only taste wines that fit into that category. This will help edit your selection considerably.

For instance, only taste white wines, or only taste red wines. To refine the selection even further, taste only Pinot Noirs, or taste only Cabernet Sauvignons. Not only will this help control the number of wines you’ll be tasting, but you’ll also get a great education on the various styles of wine that can be made from a single grape.

You can use your digital online tasting booklet to plan your visit ahead of time!

Safety Information

Please note that all current and up-to-date local COVID-19 protocols will be followed at each event. We encourage you to check local guidelines before attending.

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